Terrorism, Dialog and Drones II

While writing the earlier post on Terrorism, Dialog and Drones, I was expecting that obviously people realize the difference between various kinds of violence Pakistan is going through, unfortunately I was pretty wrong. So based on the various questions and feedback I got from friends, I thought it would be a better idea to write up an explanatory note to the earlier post.

So first thing is Terrorism is a broad term, thanks to our recent War on Terror that it has been pretty much linked with Taliban only, however the term is broad and has various facets.

Pakistan at the moment is suffering four types of terrorism each type has its broader reasons, and the purpose of this blog is not to deny the obvious, but to put the usually neglected part on the table as well.

1. TTP sponsored Terrorism:

I have stated pretty much about its factors, reasons in the earlier post, so if you haven’t read it already, read it here. Needless to mention they have the lions share of the terrorist activities in Pakistan and are pretty eager to accept responsibilities as well.

2. Sectarian Violence:

Sectarian violence is something which has plagued our Nation since long, normally people attribute it to Zia, but personally I think Zia was not the only one (Not saying he is not to blame) , this has plagued us since 50s, however at that time it was about burning and protests, later on it evolved to shootings and killings during 70s and 80s, in the late 80s and 90s the cancer grew further and bombings started taking place.

Now with the advent of TTP sponsored Suicide Attacks, the Sectarian fanatics also have taken a leap of faith and started the suicide bombing spree.

Now the roots of these sectarian terrorism is in areas like Quetta, Jhang etc, this the type of terrorism which can be easily eradicated with the help of local police and scholars. Our police did a good job in past and caught many leaders of such sectarian violence in past and they can do this again given that the conviction and support comes from the top government officials.

3. Famous Foreign Hand:

The famous foreign hand has been abused by our politicians and government officials so many times, that even the slightest mention of the term raises a laugh among people, but the truth be told, this foreign does exists, and is pretty much responsible for funding the various splinter groups as well as doing individual activities on their own as well. Again blaming everything on the foreign hand is stupid but at the same time shying away from it is also a pretty naive act.

Solution: There is no permanent solution to this problem, since obviously the high end investments by the other countries have been made to serve a larger goal and interest, however, sending a strong message (not through media but personal messengers) to all the countries involved will certainly reduce the influx of funding.

Moreover, a proper check towards smuggling of black money is a easy way to damage them in the long term.

At the same time, although ISI has been the laughing stock of many people recently, but the fact is they are pretty good if they are allowed to work in the area they are trained for and not for political gimmicks, ISI should be asked to gain all intelligence on the foreign supported militant groups and such groups should then be eradicated with proper surgical strikes.

4. Money / Bhataaaa / Bhai 

Karachi has suffered long enough, now its more like terrorism capital of Pakistan, you see almost all kind of terrorist activities in Karachi nowadays and the things are moving so quickly that almost no one knows what is happening and why is happening. TTP led activities are happening in Karachi (rate is low, since TTP prefers targeting Lahore/Islamabad areas), sectarian killings are pretty common, but majority of these sectarian killings are actually a mask for Bhata (Money) related target killings (again not saying sectarian violence is not happening).

The plight of Karachi is getting worse and worse since the various factions claiming the KINGHood of Karachi are now battling unfortunately, instead of targeting the top pins of each others, they are now targeting high profile people or huge number of common people, the reason of this is that these local goons have evolved as well, they almost have signed an unwritten pact of not killing each other, all their concern is to make an impact so big (hit a target so high) that they hit the media or better local “Seena Gazette” this publicity helps them towards claiming higher ‘bhatta’, easier recovery and certainly marking the territories.

Solution, here again is to enforce the local police system.


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