Terrorism , Dialog and Drones

Every now and then , I see people bashing the people supporting Dialog in Tribal Areas and condemning the drones. The problem here is that people for some strange reason choose not to see the complete picture, if a person condemns drone attacks it doesn’t mean he supports terrorist attacks. It just means he believes weapon or war is not the ultimate solution and certain steps can be taken to eliminate or reduce the loss of human lives.

Terrorism is not a single process with a single input and output , there are various things which are reasons of terrorism and various inputs and outputs.

Major inputs of terrorism are Lack of Education, Poverty and American Attack (Drones and Afghan War)

Now how all these act up ??

Lack of Education:
It makes the kids (suicide bombers) prone to manipulation, you can manipulate them with your own versions of Jihad and stuff and make them do things.

If they are still hesitant to go and blow themselves up, you provide them money for their family , and promise them yeah we will take care of your family,, you just go and blow yourself and as a show money they even give 100-200k rupees to their families.

Now the fuel for above two things , you grow up in an environment where people around you die every other day thanks to a small aeroplane flying and throwing some little bombs over your area ,, and then comes up a person ,, and he bashes the US and the people who live far away (the normal Pakistani’s ) and says they don’t care about us and that’s why we are being bombarded ,, look at yourself , any day a drone comes and kills your family and friends for nothing,, and look at them living happily in there comfy houses ,,,and then the lack of education plays the role and person gets manipulated and then the money comes in picture and any hesitation which existed is gone.

Last but not the least,, whenever any one is mentioning the talks with tribal areas they are not saying we will go and say yeah you killed us and lets stay happy now !!!

Its about divide and rule ,, not everyone in the tribal areas is terrorist,, not everyone there wants to kill you ,, the purpose of dialog is to resolve the concerns of some of them ,, talk them through ,, and eliminate the terrorism from within ,, if there are 100 groups of terrorists ,, 20 of them will be for money ,, 20 of them will for personal vendetta ,, 20 of them are just mad and so one ,, you classify the people and their demands ,, divide them ,, and then you eliminate the WRONG one by one ,, this is what they mean by Dialog , and this is the process which gets disrupted every time a drone strikes!!


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