How to get a Job

I have been meeting many fresh grads complaining about lack of job opportunities lately. While due to the recent recession the number of jobs has gone scarce but at the same time one major reason of not getting the job is because you are not working in the right direction. So in this article I will discuss some tricks which might help you in getting the job. Remember, finding a job is a full time job in itself, so treat it as such, there is no space of being reckless or unprofessional, do it right so that you get the right job.

This article is mainly written for people who are seeking Entry Level positions (0-2 Year experience), from engineering field and caters UAE market, but is obviously applicable to other demographics as well.

Dynamics have Changed:

Well the first thing we have to know is the dynamics have changed, gone are the days when people would print resumes and visit offices asking about a job opening, nowadays recruiters in almost all major companies use computers, e-documents have made categorization of potential candidates easier. So if you print a CV and give it to some one , let me assure you the moment you cross the door, he throws it in garbage, or if he is environment conscious he may use the back side of your CV as a rough writing pad for few days, so as long as you don’t want that, you should focus on sending soft copy of your CV only.

Big and Mid Sized companies nowadays have Job portals, be sure that you have submitted your CV there, even if the job portal is not available they would have a generic email address for submission of CVs i.e.

So no matter if your parents or uncles are telling you that they worked so hard and went to 100 companies in search of job, do not waste your precious time in traveling. The world has changed it is no more about the survival of fittest but the survival of the Smartest.

Right Direction:

As soon as a person completes his telecommunication Engineering, he knows just one thing, I have to work in the top most Mobile phone company and they should hire me instantly, the same goes for almost all other graduates, people just don’t look beyond the market leaders, obviously these companies pay better and ensure a strong career foundation, but guess what? there are thousands of other graduates eying the same position. I have personally seen 40 people showing up for one single position and that too after careful screening process in one nationwide company, whereas on the other hand while I was working in a relatively unknown company we literally were looking for suitable candidates. And this person – position ratio increases with Mobile companies or other brand giants.
Moral of the story is though it doesn’t hurt striving for a big brand but never neglect the SME potential and trust me you have greater chance of getting hired and then growing in the field if the company grows.
A special advise for Engineers (Telecom/Computer) don’t go for the Major mobile companies, instead look who their contractors or sub contractors are, sub-cons pay less obviously but it is better to have a less paying job for one year then having hope for a high paying job for one year.

Be Systematic:

The effect of having system in any field is huge be it government or person. Same goes for Job hunting, develop a personal system for job search, below is an idea for such a system, which I developed and found pretty useful.

1. Write down the industries you can work in, pay special attention to areas which are normally neglected, i.e. a telecom engineer can work in Mobile Sub-Cons, PABX solution providers, Network Application designers, DSL providers etc, similarly the scope of Computer Engineer is even bigger with extra options like companies working in Electronics, providing Network Solutions to SMEs, institutes with large IT infrastructures and a new field here is Bio related companies (Pharmaceuticals etc) etc.

2. Once you have found potential industries for the job you can fit in, go to google and search for each industry in your preferred city/country i.e. Pharmaceuticals in UAE and note down all the website addresses of these companies, please note in this step we are searching for companies NOT ” Jobs “

Repeat Step 2, for all the industries you have short listed in Step 1.

3. Develop Visit Plan: Once you have jolted down the name of companies along with their websites, assign days to every industry, i.e. Monday for Academics, Tuesday for Banking, Wednesday for Sub Cons Part 1, Thursday for Sub Cons part 2. This distribution is totally your own, make sure that you plan it in a way so that the website you visit on 1st of the Month gets visited by you again on 15 of the month, not before that and preferably not after that either

4. Ok so its time to visit the websites, and do rating of the websites you visit, give the highest Rating to the website which has their own Job Portal, then comes the websites who provide list of current openings, then comes the websites which have pretty old website or under construction website and the last rating would be for the companies which have ONLY given their HR Email address for posting CVs, for the companies falling in this zone, note down their phone number, if you have access to a phone line with cheap/free calling.

Repeat this step for all the industries, obviously you would not be able to complete all the industries in one day, hence you can perform the next step in parallel

5. Now you have list of companies, first step is to mark the website which have only given their generic email address, send them your CV just to be sure that they have you in their potential list.

Now start with the companies, which have portal, and look if they have any vacancy matching your criteria, if yes Mark it , once the website with portals have been marked, start the next rank of websites and look at the companies who have given an email address for submission of CVs for available vacancies, if you find a vacancy, note it down on a paper for the day and Move to Section Sending the Right Email.

6. For the websites which have an Coming soon / under construction portal, visit them once a month, so that if they launch their website, you are the first to know of any job opportunities.

And if you have still not got the idea, yes you are supposed to use Excel Spreadsheets to manage all the collected information effectively.

Sending the Right Email

So you found the job opening in a company, now you have to send the CV to the company, be sure that you have built the right CV for the job, to understand what a right CV should look like, please go through this article “The Right CV“.

After having the right CV here is what you should take care while sending email to any potential recruiters (even if he is a friend) write the cover letter, cover letter has three sections, first section two lines, has information about what you are applying for, second section has a brief personal profile of yours, highlighting your potential and skill for the job , no more than 4 lines, and third section is a brief how you are looking forward to them, how they can reach you back again no more than two lines.

Sending at the Right Time: If you are applying for a job for a vacancy which was posted on some public channel, you should work on sending the email at the right time, here are some tricks to decide that:
Never send email over the weekend, every one is doing that and when the recruiter will open his mailbox on the first working day, he will find a heap of emails. Preferred time of sending any email is 2-3 a.m , this way your email will be on the top when the recruiter opens his mailbox and given the good morning mood he may actually put your CV in the short listed pool.

If you find a job on the last submission day, then submit the CV at 1:30 p.m. thats the time when people are normally out for lunch break, so when they come back they will check the mail and your CV gets highlight.

3rd Party Recruiters:
The decreasing number of vacancies and information overflow of wrong candidates for a job has brought in a new field, the 3rd party recruiters, many companies are recruiting via third party recruiters to avoid hassle, hence it is always a good idea to submit your profile to such recruiters, but beware of frauds, always remember NO company will ask you to pay a processing fee / membership fee etc. The genuine recruiting companies normally charge the employer, and even if a company wants to charge you they will deduct the charges from your first salary.

Last but not least, getting the job nowadays is all about being at the right place at the right time, so try to be their. As I said earlier, finding a job is a full time job and one should at least dedicate 8 hours a day for job hunting. Moreover, a friend said once that you should let everyone know in two cases, one if you are ill, two if you are finding a job, and there are chances you might meet someone who knows the cure or vacancy.



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