On whose side is PTI really ?

Every other day we hear a new news about Tehreek i Insaaf, some call it Zardaari’s hidden weapon, some think it as Musharraf’s ally, some label it as pro-ISI and some say Zionist Spy.

No one can settle the conspiracy theories hence in this post I would only discuss is whether PTI a ploy to eat vote bank of PML (N)!

We always hear of PTI is breaking PML(N) votes (me being an old PML N voter can understand this better) but at the same time we are neglecting three basic facts :

1. PTI and PML N are actually the main contenders for next Election, they can NOT join hands, yes PTI and JI or PML (N) and JI can. So they have to fight and it is all about survival of the fittest.

2.  PTI has been focusing towards building its own vote bank ever since its inception, we can see the initial interviews of Imran Khan where he appreciated the Worker power of PPP or JI, and now we can see the same work force doing wonders for Imran Khan.  The kids, the youth which idolized IK is now mature, capable and ready! After the exclusion of fake votes and inclusion of new voters, PTI has for sure built its own loyal vote bank.

3. Punjab, the so called territory of PML N, has always been the ground for change, right from the start. Rural Sindh has always voted for the Wadera shahi, Baluchistan has voted for the stronger sardar without considering his political alliance. So for PTI to grow they had to focus in Punjab and KPK which were earlier the grounds of PML N.


So is it only PML N getting affected or PPP has to look for a second strategy as well? The answer is yes PPP also needs a ground check!

The vote bank of PPP is getting older, the young voter today has not experienced the charisma of Z.A. Bhutto, even a considerable portion has only seen Benazir through television. They don’t know why their parents cried over BB’s death they have no idea why PPP got sympathy vote in last election , this youth is not willing to surrender for the family’s decision they believe they have the right to decide!

Moreover the vote bank of PPP belongs to the age group of 35-60 (+- 5), whereas PTI Voter is 18-35 (+-5) and this young blood is active and enthusiastic, they are ready to play their part in betterment of Pakistan, they are willing to stand in queues of polling stations and they are ready to campaign for Imran Khan.

Can a loyal PPP voter bring others to polling station ? the answer is NO. Can a young PTI voter bring others to polling station? the answer is YES!

So what should we do?
Whom should we elect ? PML N or PTI ? Some theories are doing rounds nowadays that by voting PTI we would actually break the vote bank of PML N and this will pave the way for PPP. But is it PML N whom should be given a chance this time ? PML N has used its chance, the election of 2008 was open election of PML N, there was no PTI there was no JI, PML Q was hated by all, MMA was half dead, hence PML N has already wasted their chance, they were pathetic as an ally and dead as an opposition. The vote bank breakup theory is now the only grace saving excuse left with PML N. This time we have to vote for PTI even if they nominate an electric pole for MNA if it is a PTI candidate my vote goes there!!

So now if you have to decide between PML N or PTI I would select PTI.

What would you do?


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