Music – Halal or Haram

Debate on Music being Halal or Haram has been going on and on for long. Before presenting my own views I would like to quote excerpts of answer to the same Question by Dr. Khalid Zaheer, an eminent Muslim Scholar.

“As for the question of music, there are three opinions amongst Muslims:

1. It is completely forbidden;

2. It is allowed within limits; and

3. It is allowed.

Those who believe music to be completely forbidden quote certain ahadith which condemn music and use of musical instruments. They also quote a few verses which they claim are condemning music. However, an objective understanding of these verses has led me to the conclusion that these verses have got nothing to do with music. (See, for instances, verses 31:6 and 53:61) The problem with this understanding is that these people accept that when the prophet, may Allah’s mercy be on him, was welcomed by the girls of Madina they were singing on Daff (a drum-like instrument). The prophet is alo known to have encouraged the use of Daff for the announcement of Walima and on some occasions recommended the use of it on occasions of Eid as well.

Also it is well known that Da’ud Alaihissalaam had the ability to praise God Almighty which he used to do with some musical instruments. The following are some of the relevant passages from the commentary of Yusuf Ali that mention this reality:

287 David was not only a shepherd, a warrior, a king, a wise man, and a prophet, but was also endowed with the gifts of poetry and music. His Psalms (sabur) are still extant. (2.251) 3799 Cf. xxi. 79-80, and notes 2733-34.3799

David had the gift of song and sacred music, and this is shown in his Psalms. All nature-hills and birds-sing and echo back the Praises of Allah. (34.10)4168 See n. 2733 to xxi. 79.

4168 All nature sings in unison and celebrates the praises of Allah. David was given the gift of music and psalmody, and therefore the hills and birds are expressed as singing Allah’s praises in unison with him. The special hours when the hills and groves echo the songs of birds are in the evening and at dawn, when also the birds gather together, for those are respectively their roosting hours and the hours of their concerted flight for the day. (38.18)

Based on this understanding, I tend to agree with those scholars who believe that Islam prohibits only that music which creates base desires or which promotes obscenity or misleading concepts or philosophies. Moreover, since music has the ability to draw an individual away from remembering Allah, an individual should be cautioned against its excessive use. “[1]

People say one should not discuss things about which he is not sure of, on the contrary, I believe we should discuss certain things, I believe tht after studying Islamic Studies for 14 years I know some stuff… I believe tht Islam is my religion and it is my duty to understand it… I believe Islam was not just for Mullah it was for the people and I am the one who is it for and if there is any ambiguity I have to read Quran and understand Sunah coz Prophet SAAW said I am leaving you with Quran and Sunah he didn’t say that he is leaving me with Aalim Hazraat ..

Some say we have to follow the Religious Experts just as we follow our Boss, Teacher or Parents, Unfortunately I don’t follow the boss nor have followed the teachers … i follow logic … if some one is being illogical be it my boss teacher or parent I argue and that is my right … I don’t believe in being Muslim just because at some lucky instance of time some one from my ancestors accepted Islam or just because when I was born the first thing that I heard was Azaan … I believe that Islam is not a religion it is a complete and only perfect way of living life…

Now coming to those who know about Islam… wid all due respect to all the scholars Islamic history has produced … I feel that every one has explained Islam with his/her own view … read Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik and you will figure out the differences … this continue for ages as in the past it has always stayed continued… (ref: mubahisaat of Baghdad) … one will bring in something from one scholar and other will present the counter views of the other scholar as a result of which we would be doing nothing but re inventing the wheel which here I definitely don’t want.

So let me present something which is scientifically proven … before I present that let me clear one thing Islam is the only religion which is purely scientific … in fact Science is purely Islamic,,, because all these Scientific rules have been devised by Almighty ALLAH !!!

So considering the fact tht we all belong to engineering domains so we all know what sound is and what resonances is … to attach with dat there is one ayat stating “Agar hum is (Kalam) ko kisi Pahar par utartay tu tu dekhta k woh jhuka hoa Passh Paash hota” … nw we can see how powerful resonance can be …

So thats the case of Sound and resonance … now coming to music … what music does we all know that very well … the beats of music act resonate and synergize different things be it blood flow be it our cells so with the right kind of music you can create a working mood, an enjoying mood or a sad mood etc … all you have to work on is how to get in right beats at right place …

so now coming to evils of it that it keeps u away from Ibadat ? in that case we on facebook can lead to no ibadat we on computer can lead to no ibadat we playing some game may end up with no ibadat we studying with full concentration can end up in no ibadat … so all are these things Haram as well … if u don’t believe that just remember the time when one is preparing for some exam or while doing assignment and we r near to find a solution nd we are so absorbed that wen we finish we realize it took us 4-5 hours and we skipped one namaz in between … it happens doesn’t it ??

So dears everything has its good and bad features always … the things what differs is how we utilize them

now lets work on the concept of Haram … its very important to know y certain things were made haram … as a matter of fact i firmly believe to understand something right you must know whats wrong and dats the reason why we say LA ILAHA … (there is no Mabood but Allah) while we could have said Allah is the one Mabood … so what is Haram in Islam, some of them are:

‎1. Zina (Extra Marital Sex)
2. Sharaaab (Alchohal)
3. Pig

1. Zina … there are two types of Zina, the Capital punishment mentioned is for the married with un married … why ? the reason is sexual diseases … yes when a female does sex with multiple men she is prone to different STDs … as a result in Islam a guy is allowed to have 4 wives but a woman is not allowed to have 4 husbands .. so that is why punishment of Zina bil raza is Capital Punishment as if the convicts are not killed they may do sex with someone else and may cause aids and viral spread …

Sex between Un Married Male and Female also brings in the punishment of 80 whips, the reason is to make sure that the society does not transforms into a sex free state, but what is the problem of un married people having sex again health issues if an unmarried girl has sex with someone she may have sex with someone else after that as well and again this may result into viral spread of STDs.

Sharaab … i think i dont have to write much on sharaab as we all know what shaaraab does to humans … but in this case one interesting thing to be noted is sharab was not made Haram in initial days as if sharaab was banned altogether in one go it might have caused health problems

Pig… the most interesting least talked about in our society as this is sumthing easiest to avoid … bt still will mention it … a pig is normally fed on Shit… the skin develops micro worms which become part of flesh which fr some is desired bt on the serious note causes severe health issues … the same stuff goes fr dead animals and Jhatka animals nd u might b well aware of them already

So my friends … I have presented my case … I humbly request you all to think about these aspects ….

Lastly I would again say that don’t believe Islam is the true religion because your parents have followed it find out why Islam is the true religion … because this statement was of Ahl i Quraish tht “You want us to leave the religion which our ancestors have followed” so please think 🙂

All this discussion has nothing to do with anyones Sect view as I don’t know any of you neither any of you know me … personally i dont believe in any sect as my Islam starts with the line that NAHIN KOI MABOUD SIWAYE ALLAH K, AUR MUHAMMAD (SAAW) ALLAH K RASOOL HAIN…


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