Hello world!

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Hello World!. This is my first post and here I start blogging.

Why on earth am I blogging is not a million dollar question probably it is not a 10$ question but still this is the question all of you are thinking at the moment. Honestly, I don’t think I have any good argument in response to this question which you can easily treat as an answer but again if you just give it a thought there are very few times when an argument makes you say “oh yes! he is right and I was wrong”.

The statement above is my answer to your question! The name of the blog is my argument supporting my answer and the tag line of the blog explains it further! This is MY BLOG and this is myHalfGlass, I would decide whether my Glass is half full or half empty, you can use my observations and conclusions to figure out if your glass is half full or half empty.

Now another question comes in your mind is he trying to act as Budha or Mr. Do Good! well the answer is No, I am mainly going to use this space to record my arguments and debates with the common Cyber Bashers, the people who have no other job but to bash Pakistan and Islam for no obvious reason! I have been arguing with people like this and then I realized I am doing the same thing with everyone. I always have to start from scratch with everyone and the arguments more or less stay the same. As some of you might already know how lazy I am, which I always say is not LAZINESS but a good sense of productivity,  hence I decided I will keep a record of all such things online and easily accessible at any time and my lovely Ctrl + C  and Ctrl + V combination will do the rest.

Question arises again but why are you wasting your time with Cyber Bashers, well tricky question, and answer is sometimes I feel bored and believe it or not these people are funny and a nice time pass, secondly I think it is getting too much, and in certain cases it affects some immature minds as well which I really won’t like. Or probably it is my try to raise myself from the third category (the ones who consider bad things as bad in heart) to the Second Category (the ones who try stopping bad things by saying and teaching) .

Now probably you would be thinking “Ok so what! how on earth is it related to me”. Honest reply,  this is your call, if your glass is half full and you believe that probably the Cyber Bashers can be cured probably the kids can be saved from all this, Join In. If your glass is half empty and you believe all this is nothing and these people belong to the category who see but are blind who hear but are deaf, Keep enjoying life.





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2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. When I started I kept the title as “Hello World” for obvious reasons, by the time I reached the end I thought I should name it as my first Honest answers!

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